This life has been compared to several things in the Bible – a journey, race, vapour etc (Mark 13:34; I Cor. 9:24-27; James 4:14). Sadly unlike a race where you can fairly predict the duration, God has kept this away from us. Human beings of all ages transit to the great beyond every minute and no man knows when his own time will be up; hence this piece may serve as a wakeup call to everyone to be good to the last second of your life. 

It does not matter when, how and where you meet the Lord, just resolve to partner with the Holy Spirit so as to finish your earthly race with no regret (I Cor 15:9-10). 

A gold medallist material will be known for hard work in the arear of training and in avoiding places and activities that civilians engross themselves in (2 Timothy 2:4). Since you have your eyes on the medal and don’t know when the final whistle will blow; the responsibility is on you to avoid anything that can scuttle your final ambition. 

Everyone is a potential candidate for a medal. Jesus Christ left the invitation opened to everyone and equally made abundant provision available for us to end well (John 7:37-38). Surely there shall be challenges but enough provisions are available in Jesus Christ to overcome them. 

There is a promise of reward (s) for the overcomers. Winners are always celebrated, rewarded and praised, so also your faithful labour will not go unrewarded by God (Rev 21:7-9). 

You have a part to play in this matter. Though the race is neither to the swift nor the battle to the strong … (Eccl 9:11) but you have to form partnership with the REFEREE who eventually determines the winner of the race (Philippians 2:12). The responsibility is on every player to understand the rules of the game and comply with them so as not to be disqualified and ashamed when the time is up. Beloved, be good till you breath your last breathe on earth. 

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