Follow-up & Counselling

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Follow up and Counselling


The Follow up team acknowledge the presence of new comers at every service.  They give out a ‘new here’ card to visitors and make sure that the cards are filled and returned to the team. They get in touch through phone calls and emails to new comers, and invite them to come back.  Follow up team ensures that guests are engaged during and after the church service.

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Life is filled with test/trials and sometimes, we experience distressing situations and are overwhelmed by feelings and emotions.  In these circumstances, it is helpful to talk to our counselling team who will be able to offer godly advice.  We help with a range of issues including; marriage, depression, low self-esteem, decision making, bereavement and other life challenging matters.  RCCG Faith Tabernacle provides a confidential and safe environment where people can explore life issues.