Children Ministry

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The children’s department is one of the many ministries in the church. A dynamic ministry focused on teaching the word of God to children from age 2  to 15 years. From a young age, this ministry helps our children to understand the Bible stories. Children get excited learning in a fun-filled, child-centered, Christ dominated environment. The department is managed by professionally trained church workers and is equipped with modern day teaching aids; playing devices in the safest, cleanest, most secure and well-monitored environment and provides other basic and welfare items.

The Children’s departments is an integral part of a child’s spiritual, physical, social and mental development. Which is strengthened with the foundational word of God. In order to develop God’s reverence for their lives. it comeprises of 

  • Early Childhood Area
  • Elementary
  • Kindergarten
  • Teens church

Coordinator: Sister Olubunmi Thomas

The essence of the department:

  1. To lay down the foundational word of God to our kids so God’s
    reverence will be seen in them.
  2. To use standardized and godly kids-friendly materials to sow these
    word of God into their minds. Within their little attention span.
  3. To engage them in fun activities that’ll help boost their talents.